Don’t Hoard the Hand Sanitizer

#31: Josiah shares the right and wrong ways we need to respond to the corona virus pandemic as online business owners. Links: Show Up and Write virtual event: Flipped Lifestyle Virtual Summit:

Why Attention Pays with Neen James

#30: Neen James, author of Folding Time and Attention Pays, shares how to create systems of attention that help you focus on the meaning instead of just the metrics and create content that builds a personal connection with your audience. Over the past two decades Neen has been advising some of the coolest companies in …

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How To Get Out of Your Funk and Into Your Creative Flow

#28: Josiah shares how in the course of just one weekend he went from having no idea what he could write a book about to having his whole book mapped out on paper and the writing process started. To learn more about the free Show Up and Write online event, visit

Do You Have a Dream 100 List?

#26: Josiah shares how developing a Dream 100 list has helped him grow Content Heroes.

Welcome to the Danger Zone

#24: Josiah shares his experiences in the Danger Zone when most people quit while starting something new, and the 3 steps you can take to push through to success. Episode Transcript

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