Black Lives Matter

We support the Black Lives Matter movement and stand with all who oppose racial injustice and inequality.


[00:00:00]Welcome to content heroes, everyone. If this is your first time listening, this episode is going to be different than our normal format. And if you are a regular listener, you probably noticed that we haven't released an episode for the last few weeks. At first, it was because I needed to take a couple of weeks off just to take care of some personal stuff.

[00:00:19]But then with the brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, I didn't want to create any noise that might distract from the important conversations that have been happening around racial injustice and what we can do to create a better society for people of color and other marginalized groups.

[00:00:39] So we'll pick back up next week with our normal schedule. But, right now I want to make a statement: black lives matter. And I really wish that was something that I didn't need to say, but I'll say it again: black lives matter.

[00:00:56] And I stand with all the protesters who have been fighting for justice and I've been doubling down on listening and learning more about how I, as a white man, have been complicit in perpetuating the system and how I can change that.

[00:01:10]And all that said, to be honest, I'm a little uncomfortable right now, and that's not because I don't fully support the fight to end systemic racism in our country, but because this is the first time I've used this podcast as a platform to speak out about it. Now, I've been very engaged on my own personal social media accounts.

[00:01:31]I've been doing my best to listen to an amplify black voices and share their stories, and, and also speak out against those who try to justify our current system. But, with content heroes I've been silent and, mostly I think it's because this is the first time I've ever had a platform to speak from, and I was unsure how to engage in an organic way since this, this isn't something that sort of neatly fits into the format of the show.

[00:02:00]And I tend to be skeptical when brands or businesses politicize their messaging. To me it usually feels inauthentic and seems like they're just trying to co-opt and capitalize on the attention of someone else's movement. But I also think there's a part of me that didn't want to cause division in my audience, and turn people away simply because we don't hold the same views on important issues.

[00:02:27]However, I've realized a few things the last couple of weeks. And the first is that this isn't a political issue. It's a human issue. There are groups of people in this world who live a very different experience from my own, just because of the color of their skin.

[00:02:45]And freedom and equality can never truly be realized until we fix that. This has nothing to do with which side of the aisle you're on. We're all either part of the problem or part of the solution.

[00:02:58]And the second thing I've learned is that if we don't use our platforms to speak out about the things that really matter, then what's the point of having a platform. To have a platform is a privilege. And it's my responsibility to make the most of my platform by supporting those who don't have the same privileges that I do.

[00:03:16]I recently watched a video where human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson said that in order for things to change, we have to do things that feel uncomfortable.

[00:03:26]And when I heard that, I realized that a lot of what I was doing was just making excuses so that I could stay comfortable.

[00:03:34]But the reality is that the fact that I'm able to do that about this issue is just evidence that there is inequality and that I do have privileges that other people don't have

[00:03:47]And so here's what I'm committing to personally, and with content heroes, number one, I'm going to continue to learn more about the problem and about the black experience so that I can help other white people change their views and their actions.

[00:04:02]I recently found this fantastic resource called the scaffolded anti-racist resource. And it's a document that, breaks down the stages of white identity and their corresponding beliefs, thoughts and actions, so that we can evaluate where we are and move through that process of going, From the initial exposure to the problem of systemic racism and injustice and move all the way to embodying anti-racism and becoming an advocate for those who, who don't have the same privileges that we do.

[00:04:44]And so I'll link that up in the show notes. Please take a look at that and keep an open mind as you review it. And, I encourage you to do some introspection and get real honest with yourself about where you are, and, and actively take steps to move to the next stages.

[00:05:02]The second thing that I'm doing is I'm donating to causes that fight for justice and equality. In that resource that I just mentioned, there's a link out to another document that shares a list of action steps that we can take right now.

[00:05:19] And one of those things is to donate, to causes that fight for justice and equality. I know this process of learning and educating yourself and evaluating, things can take time and energy, but one thing you absolutely can do right now is use the resources that you have, the, the monetary resources that you have to, help fund people who are out there on the front lines, who have been fighting this fight for a really long time.

[00:05:46]And lastly, the third thing that I'm committing to is actively supporting more black creators and other people of color. With my platform here with content heroes, by, by sharing my platform with them and helping to promote their work.

[00:06:04] One of the eye openers for me was going back and looking through, you know, we've had some amazing, amazing guests on the show, but I went back and looked through and, you know, it's 95% white people, and that's not okay. And I'm not saying we should have less white people on the show. I'm saying, You know, I didn't intentionally do that, but it's a result of my own lack of actively making sure that we have diversity and that the content heroes podcast is much more inclusive. And so I'm actively reaching out to black creators and people of color to invite them onto the show, to help share their story, help share their work and help amplify their voice.

[00:06:54]And so if you are a content creator and you're a person of color or you know someone who is, I have a link in the show notes where you can go and reach out and connect with me so that we can schedule a time for you to be featured on the podcast.

[00:07:12]So I know that there are so many more things that we can do, but I am committed to this for the long haul, not just for the rest of the news cycle.

[00:07:22] I'm committed to continuing this work and I invite all of you to join me.

[00:07:29]And so until next time go be a hero, everyone.

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