How To Get Out of Your Funk and Into Your Creative Flow

#28: Josiah shares how in the course of just one weekend he went from having no idea what he could write a book about to having his whole book mapped out on paper and the writing process started.

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Ep. 28: How To Get Out of Your Funk and Into Your Creative Flow

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You're listening to the Content Heroes podcast, where entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives share how they build profitable businesses on their own terms by creating content online. And now your host Josiah Goff.

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Welcome to Content Heroes, everyone. We're back with another Friday edition of the show and today we're going to be talking about how to get out of your creative funk. Now be sure to stick around to the end of this episode because I have a really exciting announcement that I know you're going to love, especially if you feel like you are in a creative funk. Now I'm going to go ahead and start at the beginning here and tell you that if you want to get out of your creative funk, if you have a writer's block, feeling yourself to where you're, you just can't seem to take action on the things you know you want and need to take action on, there's a really simple solution that I learned firsthand this past weekend and it's this: just show up. That's it. Just show up. I'm going to tell you a story about how I learned this. So back in episode 17, I talked with Azul Terronez, if you listen to that episode, you know that he is a book writing coach. And his story is just really awesome. Basically he didn't have a business, he was an educator, but he signed up for Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker's One Day Business Breakthrough. He used every last cent that he had to get out there, didn't have a business or even a business idea, but he knew that if he would just show up that things would happen and he didn't want to show up empty handed. So he actually, he wrote a book in 30 days and took it out there and use that as his business presentation in the hot seat. And funny enough, it actually ended up turning into his business, but I'll never forget what he taught me about the power of showing up. So after the interview, when we stopped recording and we were chatting a little bit and I just told him how much I really resonated with his story and I started to share some of my own story. I told him that I'd always wanted to write a book, just never really thought it was possible for me. And then because he is such a kind person, he invited me out to his premier book writing workshop and of course I didn't even think about it. I said, yes, absolutely I'm going to be there because I knew that if I would just show up, that something was going to happen. If I showed up and came with a heart to serve and an open mind that things would happen, and that's exactly what happened. So I went out to his authors who lead the workshop, and I've just got to say, I kind of joked a little bit while I was there. I'm pretty sure that I was the least successful person in the room. I mean that in a really good way because there were so many amazing people there. I got to hear so many just incredible stories. They were so inspiring and humbling. It was an incredible experience. And I walked away with several friends, people I felt like I've known my whole life. And so if it were just that alone, it would have absolutely been worth the whole weekend. But I walked into that whole experience with a story in my head of I don't really know what I would write a book about, but I'm just going to go and I'm going to see what happens and trust the process. I'm going to show up. And so I did. And one of the first things that happened was I realized when I got there and I got quiet and I got honest with myself, I knew what I was going to write. I knew what I needed to write. It just scared the hell out of me. It was not comfortable. It didn't at first seem to really align with my business, but it's the thing that's been gnawing at me from the inside for years. It's just been calling to me to let it out. When I got honest, I realized this is what I need to write. And once I committed to that, it all just flowed out. So I walked into the weekend without, thinking I had nothing to write about and I walked out with my book completely mapped out on paper and I've started that writing process. So I'm now writing a book because I chose at the gracious invitation of Azul, I chose to show up and I'm so glad that I did because I learned that you don't need the perfect idea. I think we use that so often as a delay tactic to not do the thing that scares us. And so you don't need that perfect idea. You just need to get started. You just need to show up. And that's what I did. And the funny thing about the whole weekend was, you know, it was supposed to be like a book writing workshop. And so what we actually did most of that time was drawing and doing different exercises to pull our ideas out before they get into words, before we start trying to address them analytically while we're still in that kind of creative, playful mentality. So it was just an amazing, amazing time. What I also learned from that exercise of writing was how energizing and how freeing and how powerful it is, knowing that we are all writing at the same time. We sat down and we're all writing our own things, but just being in that room with all of these amazing people and letting that creative energy out, it was really inspiring and energizing and it helped me get out of my own head and really show up and be there and create. And so that leads me to the announcement that I mentioned at the beginning of this episode that I'm really excited to share with you guys. So I've been trying to think about how we can serve the Content Heroes community in more than just the podcast, and in more than just the Facebook group. I really wanted to figure out a way to help everyone make an impact and start creating change for people. And so this weekend I finally figured it out. I definitely have to lend a lot of the credit to Shane Sams at Flipped Lifestyle podcast. He and I hung out basically all weekend during this workshop and afterwards. And this guy is super inspiring and brilliant and has an amazing business where he helps people create membership sites that just completely changed their lives. So he asked me a lot of questions about Content Heroes and vision and the problems that we're trying to solve and help me come to this idea that we started to put together. And so it's this, just like Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker gave Azul the opportunity to show up and just like Azul came and gave me the opportunity to show up, I want to give you the opportunity to show up. And so I'm putting together a special virtual event called Show Up and Write where we can all show up together on a live video chat and write together. So basically what this will look like is we'll start with a short exercise to get the creative energy flowing. Then we'll set a timer and we'll all write for 45 minutes and at the end then we'll all celebrate how many words we wrote. And so I want to harness that creative energy that I experienced writing with 30 other people in the room and I want to scale it up and bring in people from all across the globe. The Content Heroes community bring us together for one hour where we Show Up and Write. And so if you're working on a blog post or video script, a book, whatever, whatever it is, so you can bring it to the Show Up and Write session. So we don't have a date set yet, but it'll happen in the next couple of weeks. We're still working out the logistics of it. But if you're in a creative funk or you're just tired of writing all by yourself, come join us at Show Up and Write. All you have to do is visit and let us know how we can contact you so that we can reach out once we've set a date for the event. Once again, that's and we'll also make sure that that link is in the show notes so that you can go and visit directly from there. So excited for this. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait until at the end we can celebrate how many words we've written together, how much we kind of pulled our creativity, our creative energy, even if it's across the interwebs, to come together and create something in the world to just show up and write. So, I'm excited. Come join us. It's going to be amazing. Until then, go be a hero, everyone.

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