Do You Have a Dream 100 List?

#26: Josiah shares how developing a Dream 100 list has helped him grow Content Heroes.

Ep. 26: Do You Have a Dream 100 List?

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You're listening to the Content Heroes podcast where entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives share how they build profitable businesses on their own terms by creating content online. And now your host Josiah Goff.

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Welcome to Content Heroes, everyone. We're back with another Friday edition of the show and today we're going to be talking about your Dream 100 list. Now going back all the way to episode two with my friend Nate Smoyer, that feels like a lifetime ago, but he talked about how he broke into an industry that he had no experience in, no contacts, and was able to build authority really quickly by starting a podcast in that industry and interviewing industry leaders. And one of the things that we talked about during that conversation was his Dream 100 list. Now this comes from the Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes, and if you're not familiar with it, basically what you do is you create a list of your Dream 100 clients of the people who, if you brought them on board, the people who are the ideal fit for what it is that you do. And so that's what Nate did when he started out. He created that list and used it as a starting point to reach out to people and get them on the show. Now, after I talked with him, I did the same thing. I completely forgot what it was called. And so I didn't have like, you know, Dream 100 in my head as I was doing this. But I did create a list and I put about 20 or 30 names on it, of people that I would love to have featured on Content Heroes, I would love to have as a guest on the show. And so I took that list and I put it inside of a Trello board. And just to kind of keep track of that and then just honestly kind of forgot about it for a little while. But last week I heard the term twice, so I was on a mastermind call with the mastermind that I'm in. And then I also was listening to, I believe it was the Perpetual Traffic podcast and in both places and within like a day or two, they mentioned the Dream 100 list. And in the Perpetual Traffic podcast actually talked about how like everyone in the company create the list and like put it in their email signature even. And so I thought, okay, I'm hearing this twice in one week. That's probably a sign from the universe that I should, you know, get serious about this and put together my own Dream 100 list. And so as I was doing that, I realized four reasons why this particular exercise is really helpful. The first is that getting it down on paper helps you set your intention. So for me, it gave me this visual place where I could, in my mind see myself talking with these people. And that gave me more confidence to reach out to these folks. And if you don't have a vision, if you don't know what you're going for, then how do you know when you've achieved it, and how do you know where you're going. And so the exercise of putting it all down in one place really helped me set that vision and set my intention for what I was doing. So number two is that it was a really great exercise as I was putting this list together. So I already had a starting list from the beginning when I started Content Heroes, like going through and finding people who are related to those people who I also feel like it'd be a great guest on the show and learning more about them. I started to really get a much better understanding of the landscape of who are thought leaders in the online content creation world and how are they delivering value to their audiences and how does that fit in with my own vision for content heroes and how we add value to our audience. So it was a really great research exercise. Number three is putting together a list like this is so helpful when it comes to actually making the ask. So one of the things that I do is when I have a guest on the show, after we're done recording, I will ask them, Hey, do you know anyone else who would be a great fit to have on the show? And a lot of times, you know, it kind of puts them on the spot and sometimes they'll, some people come to mind really quickly. Other times, you know, we will kind of follow up in an email and do a little back and forth. But now I have this list that I can point to and say, Hey, here are a hundred people who we think are ideal people to have on the show. Do you know any of them? If so, would you be comfortable making an introduction? If not, then they at least have a really good understanding of the type of guests that we want to have on the show. And so they, it can help trigger in their heads other people that they know who may not be on the list, but what would be a really great fit for the show. And finally, number four, putting together this Dream 100 list has helped me track my progress. One of the things that I realized was I put together the first 20-30 at the beginning before I launched. And so we launched in October of last year. And by the end of the year, half of the guests that we had on the show came from that list. And you've heard me talk about this before on the podcast when I first started out, that seemed like an impossible thing for me. Like, no, I definitely was having a short bout of imposter syndrome and just not really thinking anyone would, you know, like, who am I to reach out to these people and who are, you know, leaders in this space and I'm, and who am I to reach out to them and ask them to come on the show. But now looking back and seeing, you know, Hey, I created this list of people that I thought it was a long shot, but it was actually really easy to get them on the show and they were really gracious. And those relationships that I've built with them now have also led to other great relationships and they were able to bring a ton of value to the show and none of that would have happened if I hadn't put their name on the list. I would've never reached out to them. I would have never tracked my progress to follow up with them if I hadn't heard anything back. So that's why this Dream 100 list idea is really great. So to recap, four reasons why you should definitely create a Dream 100 lists if you haven't already. One, getting it down on paper helps you set your intention. Two, it's really great for research and getting us a deep understanding of the landscape of whatever market you're in. Three, it's an easy place to point people when you're making an ask for introductions. And four, it helps you track your progress so that you can see the momentum that you're building as you're starting out. So I've actually put together two Dream 100 lists. The first one is for the Content Heroes podcast, and this is a list of people that we would love to have on the show as featured guests. And then the second list I'm still working on is a list of podcasts that are my dream 100 podcasts to be featured on as a guest. So a big part of the growth strategy for Content Heroes is me getting on other shows and telling my story and sharing some value and promoting the podcast. And so I've put together a list of shows that I think I would be a great fit for and I'd be able to deliver value to their audience. And there'd be a crossover in the audience of people who would also be interested in Content Heroes. So if you're curious and you'd like to see my lists, first one for the podcast guests is at So that's dream and then the numbers 1-0-0. So And then to see the list of podcasts that are my Dream 100 podcasts to be featured on, you can go to And of course, if you know anyone on those lists and you would be comfortable reaching out and making an introduction, I would be so grateful. So if you already carve out some time over this next week and sit down and put together your Dream 100 list, whether it's your dream 100 clients or your Dream 100 collaborators or partners or featured guests, sit down, do the research and set your intention and start putting that list together. And then I'd love to see it. And if there's anyone on the list that I can make an introduction to, I would be happy to do so. So if you have a list or you're just putting one together, reach out. You can join the Content Heroes Facebook group at that'll take you over to the group. You can join that and post in there. And that way I'll see it and I'll respond. But also you'll be able to get the support of the community as well. So if there's anyone else in the group who knows someone on your Dream 100 list, maybe they could make an introduction as well. And that's how we help each other grow and build each other up.

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Hey everyone, thank you for listening to the Content Heroes podcast. I just wanted to take a second and let you know that we have some amazing guests planned for the coming weeks, so if you haven't already, go ahead and hit subscribe so you can make sure to catch every episode. And if you enjoyed today's episode, go ahead and leave a five-star review to help make it easier for other content creators to find and enjoy the show. Lastly, I'd like to invite you to join our Content Heroes Facebook community where you can connect with other online content creators to share, learn, grow, and have fun. To join the group, just visit Once again, that is

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