What is a Content Hero?

#21: Josiah talks about what it means to be a Content Hero.

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Ep. 21: Josiah talks about what it means to be a Content Hero


You're listening to the Content Heroes podcast where entrepreneurs, marketers and creatives share how they build profitable businesses on their own terms by creating content online. And now your host Josiah Goff.


Welcome to Content Heroes, everyone. We're back with another Friday episode and this is going to be a short one. But I wanted to answer one question that I get quite a bit. And that is what's a Content Hero? Obviously the name of this show is Content Heroes. And when people hear me refer to content creators as content heroes, they often ask me like what does that actually mean? And I think it's probably easier to start with what a content hero isn't. And a content hero is not a superhero. So that's I think a big mistake or a big misconception that a lot of people have going into the content creation game. You know, they think they have to have these content superpowers in order to come and be a content hero. And they, you know, they look at these big, big personalities who have these massive followings and they think that you know, that's what it means to be a content hero. But that's not 99.9% of people. And those people have those, those big followings, they didn't start out that way. And so when I say, when I use the term content hero, I'm not talking about superheroes, I'm talking about the everyday heroes I'm talking about, you know, like firefighters and nurses and school teachers and those people who show up every single day and serve, right? So that's what it means to be a content hero. It means that you have grit. It means that you don't give up. It means that you come in every single day and you show up and you put out content and whether or not you think it's the best that you've ever done, you hit publish and you put it out into the world and you do your best to help people. And you take what you learn each time and you iterate. And over time you're constantly improving, constantly getting better and slowly growing an audience. And that's how you make an impact. You start small and you show up consistently and grow. So if you ever have one of those days where you're just starting to feel discouraged like you don't really have what it takes that you don't, you don't have those superpowers and maybe your audience isn't growing the way that you want to and you feel like you're not making an impact. Just remember you are already a content hero if you're showing up. And so all you had to do is stick with it and care and keep going. And before you know it, you'll look back and you'll be able to see that the trail that you've blazed. That's what I came to say today. Hope you found this encouraging. Go be a hero everyone.


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