Why My 2020 Word is Heart

#16: Josiah shares why Word for 2020 is Heart and how that’s changing how he shows up in his business.

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Ep. 16: Why My 2020 Word is Heart

Announcer: You're listening to the Content Heroes podcast where entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives share how they build profitable businesses on their own terms by creating content online. And now your host, Josiah Goff.

Josiah: Welcome to Content Heroes, everyone. I am Josiah Goff and this episode is going to be a little bit different. I'm trying something new here with some shorter episodes where it's just you and I where I can dig into some of the things that I've learned through the conversations that I've had on the show through putting together the podcast. We'll talk about this a bit more in a later episode, but I've had this sort of meta experience of by putting together a podcast for online content creators. I've, myself, I've become an online content creator and so it's just sort of awakened some stuff in me that sounds a little weird, but we'll just go with it. It's sort of awakened some stuff in me, this creative energy that I haven't really accessed for a long time. So the purpose of these episodes are kind of threefold. One just for me personally, this is more of a creative outlet for me to think through, think out loud, learn out loud, some of the stuff that typically would just sort of go in my head and then you know, drift off into the ether. Two, so it's, we can, you and I can get to know each other better and dive deeper into some of the conversations that we've been having. And three also just for me to kind of practice. I know that one of the stories that kept me from starting a podcast for a really long time is that I wasn't very good at communicating and that I didn't really have anything interesting to say. But the thing that surprised me in putting together this podcast was that people have told me that like I have a natural radio voice and that I'm good at asking questions and I've never thought that was true about me ever. I did the show kind of in spite of that, feeling like, you know, I don't, I'm not very good at those things, but it's not really about me. That's, I mean like transparently, that's why I chose to do an interview only format at the beginning was because I didn't want to talk. I didn't feel like I would be any good at it. And so this is an opportunity also for me to just get practice. And I don't really know exactly where all of this is going to go. I'm committing to doing these shorter episodes for this quarter. And we'll be putting them out as a second episode during the week. But I'd love to hear from you like what and what do you think? Is this something that you'd be interested in listening to? And if not, that's totally fine. If you think you know, I don't really care what you have to say Josiah, I'd rather just listen to the awesome guests you bring on because I don't blame you there that we've had some really fantastic people on the show. So much value already just in these first dozen or so episodes and so, you know, I would not take it personally. Absolutely. But if you are, you know, if you are interested in hearing more from me or just interested in diving into certain things that I'm learning and that we are learning together as the podcast progresses, you know, leave me a comment. You can join the Facebook group, reach out to me, you know, Instagram, Twitter, wherever, and let me know. What are you interested in hearing? What questions do you have? Is there anything you'd, you want me to dig into more in the show? Are there any guests that you really want to hear from? Like I said, I never wanted this podcast to be about me. I actually kind of reluctantly put my face on the cover art. The only reason I did it was because I, you know, I knew that having a face would make it more personable and make people more willing to listen to it. And I wasn't gonna put anyone else's face on it because I'm the person that is hosting the show. And so my face is on it. But then I also, I told the designer I want them, I don't want my face to be like the main thing. So that's why if you look at the podcast art, I'm kind of like in the corner as small as possible without being like awkward. Like why is there a little tiny face in the corner? And I don't really know what that's about. Maybe I'll dig into that myself a little later at some point. But the purpose for me for the show was always to create a community, create a resource for online content creators. So one of the things that I've really been thinking about going into this new year, and we talked about this, I just got done interviewing Dana for the show. One of the things that we talked about was bringing a sense of play and a sense of fun into what you do and how important that is and approaching the content and you create and the way you do business from a place of experimentation and fun. And so that reminded me of this time when, you know, it was kind of early in my business. And I remember I just having one of those days where I just felt like everything was going wrong. And I literally was sitting at my desk and I literally just like yell, like threw like threw my hands up in the air and yelled, why isn't this fun for me anymore? And because when I first started my business, that was the approach that I took. It was, you know, I didn't have a plan. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was so much fun to just figure it out and try things and see what works, see what didn't. To follow paths, wherever they would lead. But at some point, I don't know if it was, you know, reading books that say, Oh, you have to, you know, set goals and you have to know your numbers and all of this stuff. At some point I gotten to this place where it was no longer fun. And that day, thankfully a little later in the day, I had a coach, I had a call with one of my coaches and I told him about that and he said, he asked me the question, I'll never forget this. He said, what is your greatest asset? And I thought about that for a moment cause I, when I was younger, you know, when I was in school, I thought, you know, I'm really smart. That's my greatest asset. But then I got onto the real world and realize there's a lot of people who are a lot smarter than I am. And I didn't really know. I couldn't, I couldn't answer that. And I told him, I said, I have no idea. And he said, he said that, that's too bad because I noticed it from the second I met you, your biggest asset is your heart. And, I mean, I got choked up like, because when he said that I knew that was true, that for me and the reason why I had gotten so frustrated was because I had stopped working from my heart. Like I gotten out of my heart and into my head. And that's sort of been a theme in my life. I overthink things and I try to approach everything analytically. And where I had gotten off course in my business was like, you know, I have, these are my revenue goals and then like, this is where I want to be with the business and you know, these are the people that I want to bring onto the team. And this is how I want to grow. And that had become my focus. And my focus has shifted away from, you know, how can I serve people? How can I help them? How can I matter in their lives because I'm making, helping to make their lives better. And so anytime that I get frustrated in my business, it's usually because I've gotten out of alignment with that. And I have to come back and say, okay, how can I help this person? And so I'm sure you've probably heard a lot of people talk about, you know, pick your word for the year. Like what is your theme for this year going into 2020. What's the word that you want to live by? And so for me, that word for 2020 is heart. So I want to get out of my head and into my heart. And so for me, that's a lot of being more vulnerable, which is one of the reasons why I'm doing these solo episodes. It's a chance for me to practice being vulnerable, putting myself out there because you know, the fear of being rejected keeps us from doing things that matter and I don't want that to hold me back. And so the more that I can practice living from my heart, living from a place of how can I serve people, but also living from a place where I'm constantly stepping out of my comfort zone, where I'm doing things that just, Oh, like even standing here talking into this microphone recording this episode, it's uncomfortable. I know there are these thoughts that you know that are just, it's just my brain wired to try to protect me and not get me thrown out of the tribe. Right. Of, you know, you shouldn't say that. That's too much. People are going to think you're weird. People are gonna think that you were, that you're not tough or you're not smart or that you are a fraud. Right? All of these things that try to end up my brain tried to tell me to keep me safe. What they're really doing is they're keeping me from showing up. I don't want to live a life where I'm afraid to show up. I want to live a life where vulnerability is one of my biggest strengths, where I can be me and not be afraid of what other people think of that. And I want to create a community that's a safe space for others to come in and do that as well. And I want to be that example for my kids and for the people in my life that I care about because I know that the people who have done that in my life, who led by example, who show up and are Holy themselves and don't hold anything back. Those people are the ones who inspire me the most and the ones who helped me the most in my growth. And that's how I want to be. So that is my word for 2020 - heart. I would encourage you all to consider picking a word if you haven't already. And if I could leave you with one question, it's this, what do you gain from staying safe? Think about that. Sit with that. Let it kind of stew and we'll continue this conversation next week where I talk about the big things that I've learned from starting a podcast. I'll even dig into some real numbers and talk about the launch, what went well, what could've gone better, what I would do differently next time. And so if you're interested in seeing kind of behind the scenes on that, that is what next week's episode will be about. And thank you so much for taking the time with me today to listen to me kind of ramble and figure all this stuff out. I wholeheartedly appreciate you supporting the show and being part of the community. Have a great day everyone.

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